Real weddings

Among the many wonderful projects we’ve done over the years, here are some of our freshest real wedding stories.

The projects we worked on, we planned according to the set budget, and our job was always to get the most out of every wedding story, and to touch all your senses…

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Floral design

For many years we have been creating weddings that are talked about…. behind us is a large number of completed projects, satisfied clients… lots of floral creations that have touched, changed and moved all your senses… beyond all expectations…

You can find a solution to your big flower story with us. Our idea is to create a complete visual impression of your wedding, so we prefer weddings that are substantially and conceptually refined to the last detail. The notes and colors of the flowers should perfectly match your choice of space, season and, above all, your personal style.

In creating unforgettable and individualized floral creations, we choose the best of nature. First of all, we use native floral species that we enrich with the import program and resources of foreign producers from all over the world. Through our resources, we want to offer you unrestricted access to all types and colors of flowers.

The design for us begins with deliberating and choosing each flower individually. We approach the flowers with special respect and care, and with that approach we ensure the best quality for you.

In creating the wedding that is talked about, we use a rich selection of decorative elements from our range that give the final context to each flower chosen.

Our philosophy is to celebrate the beauty of life, the gifts of nature and human creation…

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Designs and style consulting

We approach the wedding design exclusively individually, to maximize the design and choice of flowers to your personality, the season and the style of the space.

The choice of decorative elements and the implementation of floral installations in a given setting should be approached holistically and carefully. When choosing details, we like to be guided by a philosophy that is less is more. Our emphasis when thinking about design is to think about the importance of the whole.

In addition to the design and stylization of the decorative elements and flowers in a given space, we will also provide you with the possibility of new floor plans and new ideas for arranging tables and other amenities at the wedding, and to advise and direct you in the form of space lighting.

We stylishly cover all types of weddings, and we can tell your wedding story through 3,000 decorative elements, which makes us truly unique in Croatia. A style consulting service is a process where we, with our expertise, guide you safely through the stylistic planning of your wedding.

In addition to advising our clients who order a total floral design service, we are also open to advising you in the process of self-planning your wedding. We are the first to provide this type of service in Croatia. If you need help and are lost in the forest of information and ideas, our team will guide you through complete visual solutions through expert guidance and also support you through the rental of decorative elements, with the help of which you will be able to independently realize your wedding.

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Organization and wedding planning

Our approach to wedding planning is very unique in Croatia. We specialize in the narrower aspect of organizing and planning your wedding.

The organization of weddings in our offer implies partial organization of weddings - which involves monitoring the organizational needs of your wedding through our service and sales range. You will find everything you need in one place - from invitations, thank you cards, menu cards, guest schedules, table numbers, guest gifts to stylish floral installations, chairs, tables, furniture to space solutions and we can help you choose locations for your wedding.

Planning your wedding for us involves visual planning - complete design and stylization of your wedding, and content planning - providing all visual content solutions (fireworks, lighting, etc.) that will further enhance your wedding.

If you are interested in the overall service of organizing or coordinating your wedding, we will always be happy to recommend our partners who are one of the leading specialized agencies in the field of wedding organization in Croatia.

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Rental of equipment and decorative elements

Through the rental of equipment and decorative elements we support you in the independent realization of your wedding story. If you decide to arrange your own wedding flowers, we offer you the possibility of renting candlesticks, lanterns, vases, tablecloths, mirrors, furniture and other decorative elements.

Through a rich selection of accessories and decorative elements, we stylistically cover all types of weddings, and we can tell your wedding story through 3,000 decorative elements, making us truly unique in Croatia.

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Paper stationary

In order to make that very first step in the planning, the announcement of your wedding, tickle the imagination of your guests, the invitation must exude uniqueness and announce the style of your wedding.

The fluent connection of all the little details of your wedding shows the effort given in order to plan it and to make shift from the average.

A wedding style must first and foremost reveal your personal style preferences and lifestyle. Accordingly, we also choose an invitation that is a snapshot of your wedding character. The invitation should be an announcement of the colors, location, details and style of the wedding, mapped into the texture and design of the invitation itself.

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